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Product Description

If you are ready to create an heirloom garment for your little loved one to enjoy and pass on, this is the pattern for you! Gorgeous Estonian flower lace adorns this seamless cardigan to create a show-stopping piece as special as your little girl. The classic shape and elegant details will ensure this little cardigan is treasured for years to come.

Sizes: All child sizes included in this pattern! Newborn (3 month, 6 month, 9 month) (12 month, 18 month, 2 toddler) (3 toddler, 4 toddler, 5-6 year old, 7-8 year old) to fit the following actual chest measurements:

Newborn: 15”/ 38 cm
3 Month: 16”/ 40.5 cm
6 Month: 17”/ 43 cm
9 Month: 18”/ 45.5 cm
12 Month: 19”/ 48 cm
2T: 21”/ 53.5 cm
3T: 22”/ 56 cm
4T: 23”/58.5 cm
5 – 6 years: 24 ½”/ 62 cm
7 – 8 years: 26 ½”/ 67.5 cm

Techniques: Advanced lace techniques, read a chart, knitting in the round, casting on in the middle of a row, picking up stitches, and blocking.
Note: This is not a pattern for beginners to lace! You should be well adept at lace before beginning this pattern.


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