Tokewanna Peak Beanie

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Product Description

Tokewanna Peak Beanie is a hat that was made for the ski lodge. Ski culture is so prominent where I live that I couldn’t write this pattern without paying homage to it. I must say, this hat really is the toastiest, cushiest, warmest hat I’ve ever designed. It’s totally delicious worked up in Malabrigo’s super smooth worsted weight yarn, but would translate well to other yarns. You can choose to work with as many or as few colors for striping as you want! I imagine this hat would look lovely worked in yarn scraps—those odd bits that are too short to use on much else. This pattern is written to be entirely lapless! You do not need to do anything other than follow the written pattern rows. Your color changes will be cleverly hidden. I have never seen any other pattern with such truly lapless rows.

Sizes: Medium: To fit a size 18-21”/46 – 53.5 cm head (average size).

Large: To fit a size 20-23”/ 51 – 58.5 cm head.

Extra Large: To fit a size 22-25”/ 56 – 63.5 cm head.

Techniques: Knitting in the round (with either the Magic Loop method or double-point needles) and 3-needle bind off (optional, only used on buttoned crown).


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