Murietta Flower Crown

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Product Description

Is this a practical headpiece for logical folks? Ok, probably not so much. But do we all need one of these anyways? YES. Yes. A thousand times yes. Satyrs expect such things of their child-brides (10+ to Gryffindor if you catch the reference).

This is a pattern that utilizes the basic stitches of crochet in a fun way! First, a basic headband is created. Then the adornments are worked separately and stitched down. Doesn’t get more straightforward than that! I hope you truly enjoy making this as much as I did!

Yarn: Flower color – approx. 150 yards/140 meters DK or light worsted weight
Leaf color – approx. 100 yards/90 meters DK or light worsted weight
Contrast flower color – approx. 2 yards/2 meters DK or light worsted weight
Note: I like yarn with at least 50% animal fiber so the crown will wet block out nicely. If you use man-made material for your yarn, you can steam block instead.

Techniques: Single crochet, half-double crochet, double crochet, half-triple crochet (US version), triple crochet, crocheting in the round, working French knots (optional).


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