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Product Description

This is a pattern born of necessity! Those of us with abnormal sized feet have a hard time finding cute slipper patterns, let alone finding regular shoes that fit us as they should. This pattern is amazing in that it’s totally customizable to any adult’s size foot, and I promise there is NO MATH involved. Seriously! Narrow to wide, very small to very long, this pattern can truly tackle any foot. Never make do with the wrong size again. And of course, if you have normal sized feet (luck you!), this pattern works for you too.

These slippers require some basic leather working for the soles. All the leather working is explicitly detailed in the pattern, with photos to reference. If you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with working leather (or simply don’t have the tools to do it), you can opt for a fabric, felt, or repurposed shoe sole. Just ensure that you cut the sole material down to the sole size referred to in the pattern! If your sole is not the right size, the shoes will be too big. You can add soling to the bottom of the slipper to make it into a street-worthy shoe as well! These really are the perfect shoes for summer! Quick and breezy. Enjoy!

There are currently 3 files available to download. The regular pattern is called “Chico Penny Loafers” and I recommend downloading the “Chico Penny Loafers Reference Photos” as well. It helps so much to be able to see if you’re doing it right! I have also consolidated the pattern and reference photos into one big file called “Chico w Inset Photos”, if you prefer to have them together. Unfortunately, it takes up much more page space to have them all together, but this format is great if you read your patterns on a tablet!

A note on yarn: This pattern was written using 2 strands of size 10 crochet thread held double throughout. You can easily substitute in a single, thicker strand of thread (fingering weight, size 3 crochet thread). Just make sure your gauge is right!

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Additional Information


April 2014

Suggested Yarn

Aunt Lydia’s Bamboo Crochet (Size 10), Aunt Lydia’s Iced Bamboo (size 3)

Yarn Weight



24 stitches and 16 rows = 4 inches in hdc/half double crochet (US), with (size 10 thread held double), medium size hook

Needle Size

3.5 mm (E), 3.75 mm (F), 4.0 mm (G)


150 – 250 yards (137 – 229 m)

Sizes Available

Any size imaginable!


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