Furby Inspired Charts

My little sister and I shared a room when we were kids. One year for Christmas, our living quarters got a new tenant: a Furby. I was scared of the little goblin but my sister loved her gift. That thing would wake us up in the night with threatening words, like “NO LU” (I still […]

David Bowie – god amongst men

Today was the saddest day. I heard David Bowie died. On my freakin 30th birthday. Happy birthday to me. Here is my tribute to the most amazing artist our century would ever know. He has been a part of my life since I first saw Labyrinth as a child. His music, personality, and truly iconoclastic […]

Moone Boy Hat Chart

Moone Boy is so amazing. I need that hat! I’m estimating a DK weight yarn for this project to fit an average head. I will write up and release the pattern when I get yarn for it! To view the chart, click the image of it in the “gallery” right below the main image. Update: […]

Iron Man Charts

A secret project for my husband’s Christmas gift! Hope you all enjoy! Note: If you would like to design with these charts, please do so! Just please link people to this webpage instead of copying my charts and putting them in your pattern or on your own website. And of course, please give me credit […]

Contiguous Pockets

So I’m in the midst of developing a new way to do pockets. Well, it may have been done before, but I’ve never seen it done this way. I’m calling it “Contiguous Pockets” because it’s worked completely in line with your knitting. Essentially, in this way, it can be added to any any ANY sweater. […]