About the Project

My little sister and I shared a room when we were kids. One year for Christmas, our living quarters got a new tenant: a Furby. I was scared of the little goblin but my sister loved her gift. That thing would wake us up in the night with threatening words, like “NO LU” (I still don’t know what it means), its eyes staring into the eternal abyss.

Anyhow, now I think of Furby fondly. Everyone needs a little eldritch horror in their life. If you like these charts, you may consider checking out my pattern Furby Hat. It utilizes these charts and some fun shaping. Personally, I think these charts could work well on lots of things, such as socks, sweaters, or even coasters.




Please note that these charts are inspired by Furby (a product of Hasbro Toys), but I am in no way associated with the brand. These charts are for personal, non commercial use only. I do not make money from these charts in any way.

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